Did Gary Bettman Just Accidentally Expose The Newest and 33rd NHL Team?

Published October 8, 2023 at 9:50

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman might have just let the cat out of the bag about the next potential cities to welcome an NHL franchise!

In a recent interview, Bettman's slip of the tongue has fans buzzing with excitement. Could your city be in the running for the next big NHL team


NHL Expansion: Leading Cities Revealed

With recent NHL expansion successes, fans are eager for more teams. NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman hinted at future expansion during a media appearance.

«You certainly got that sense from listening to Gary Bettman and looking at the body language of the NHL commissioner Wednesday at the Board of Governors meeting in New York. It felt like he came so close to just saying it's going to happen, but he said, ‘No, we aren't ready yet,'» LeBrun explained.

NHL insider Pierre LeBrun disclosed the top contenders for the next franchise: Atlanta, Houston, Salt Lake, and Quebec City. Quebec City stands out as a strong option.

Then he talked about the recurring interest in conversations that he's having with those four cities Atlanta, Houston, Salt Lake and Quebec City.

The expansion process faces a hurdle—the Arizona Coyotes. Resolving their situation is key for potential cities like Houston or Salt Lake City.

«As other governors told me Wednesday at the meeting, there's no question you have to figure out Arizona first in case you have to move them to one of those cities that we just talked about,» LeBrun added. «Especially whether that's Houston or Salt Lake City.»

Where would you like to see the NHL expand to?
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Did Gary Bettman Just Accidentally Expose The Newest and 33rd NHL Team?

Which city deserve a real NHL organization?

Quebec16558.1 %
Houston4716.5 %
Salt Lake City4917.3 %
Toronto (just jokes)238.1 %
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