Devils Player Caught Checking The NHL News Mid Game on IPads

Published January 27, 2023 at 4:38 PM

By now, everyone's heard of John Tortorella's iPad ban. At first, it had a real «old man yells at cloud» vibe, but if you think about it, who exactly can regulate what the players are looking at?
Yes, there are multiple coaches on the bench, but there's also a hockey game going on right in front of them. And for guys who are maybe not getting as much ice time, maybe they take that opportunity to catch up on the league news, or the standings, or really, anything at all.

It doesn't seem like any other teams have followed suite, but as Torts said, «It's my job to coach the team.» And he obviously feels the tablets are a distraction, which, clearly, they can be.

So far, there hasn't been any immediate improvement, as the Flyers lost both of their games, Tuesday and last night. But as is with any change in routine, it will take time to get used to.

The Flyers (20-21-9) will face the Winnipeg Jets (31-18-1) on Saturday in Winnipeg.
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Devils Player Caught Checking The NHL News Mid Game on IPads

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