Derek King Admits The Team is Unhappy (VIDEO)

Published April 13, 2022 at 11:12

The Chicago Blackhawks are at a very tough point in the year, it seems as if they are in a habit of losing games. Top players like Kane and DeBrincat have spoken out and mentioned «We don't play a 3 period game, we play hard for 2 and than the legs just stop».

Many questions evolve around this losing drought, is Derek King not motivating the team long enough? The sad streak started afterwards of the trade deadline, did the trade deadline affect everybody's morale?

Derek King speaks on how the players are doing throughout these tough times:

April 13   |   189 answers
Derek King Admits The Team is Unhappy (VIDEO)

Do you think Kane or one of our top players are going to want out this off season?

Yes, I don’t blame them!9047.6 %
No, Chicago till they die!4021.2 %
I hope not.5931.2 %
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