Blackhawks Forward Expresses Feelings on Brandon Hagel Trade, etc.

Published April 13, 2022 at 11:03

Blackhawks forward Reese Johnson went on WGN Radio's Blackhawks Live with Chris Boden and Joe Brand a few days ago. He was asked a few questions including his thoughts on the Brandon Hagel trade. Here are his responses.

Johnson on how it's been being able to get some consistent games under your belt:

"It's been great being back in the lineup, obviously my collarbone hurt. It was a long 14 weeks being out but I had a lot of great people working with me so I'm really thankful for that. It's definitely great to be back in the lineup."

Johnson on the Brandon Hagel trade:

"It's definitely been a little weird seeing Hags on a different team, but I'm really happy for him. I know he's gonna do great things with Tampa Bay there. They are really lucky to have him. I was talking to him [Hagel] the other day, he's excited for the opportunity he's gonna get there. But yea, it is a little weird seeing him in the blue instead of the red. But happy for him overall."

Johnson on living with Jonathan Toews:

"Like an older brother. It's been great living with taser. Really fortunate to be able to spend time with him at his house. It was really nice of him to welcome myself, my girlfriend, and my dog. He's been awesome. I've been able to learn a ton from him on and off the ice this year and moving in you spend that much more time together. So you learn that much more and it's not always hockey related. Things in life, the way he carries himself on a day-to-day basis, he's a true professional and one of the best leaders I've ever been around so truly thankful to have the opportunity to live with him."

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Blackhawks Forward Expresses Feelings on Brandon Hagel Trade, etc.

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