Coyotes Player Gets Brutally Honest About Playing in Mullett Arena

Published July 29, 2023 at 12:04

The "hockey in the desert" experiment seems unsuccessful for the Arizona Coyotes, despite Gary Bettman's beliefs.

Currently, the team is struggling as they play in ASU's Mullett Arena, and there have been calls for Bettman to acknowledge the reality of the situation and move the team.

Unfortunately, they are now playing in a less-than-satisfactory arena with only 4,600 seats.

«I don't think a single game was sold out this year. It was mostly away fans too. The prices are stupid, $160 for the cheapest seat in a tiny university arena.»

The team's goaltender, Karel Vejmelka, expressed his disappointment about this past season, revealing that the arena was rarely sold out, ticket prices were high (with $160 being the cheapest option), and most games had more fans from the opposing team.

This is a concerning situation for the Arizona Coyotes, especially since they failed to pass a referendum to fund a new district and arena earlier in the season.

Criticizing the team is not the best way for Vejmelka to earn favor with the front office or Gary Bettman.

Currently, the team is waiting for a new Arizona home while struggling to maintain their credibility.

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Coyotes Player Gets Brutally Honest About Playing in Mullett Arena

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