Could the Blackhawks be due for a Name Change?

Published July 29, 2023 at 11:55

With the recent passing of Rocky Wirtz, Owner and Chairman of the organization, Chicago could be due for a name change. The Blackhawks have been a name and cherished franchise for 98 years, but with the recent events, some people find the name to be offensive.

The Blackhawks name represents two different things. One, the leader of the Sauk Native American Tribe, Chief Black Hawk, served during the Black Hawk war in 1832. Secondly, Frederic McLaughlin, the first owner in Blackhawks history, was a commander in World War I under the "Blackhawk division." So, there is a lot of meaning behind the name.

Now, why could the name be changed? Rocky was the one who put his foot down over the years to not change it. With him passing and not knowing who the next owner is going to be, the name could change. It is most likely his son Danny who will take over the team, but we don't know what his view is on the name.

If the name changes, it will be very big, and they'd have to think long and hard about a new one to match the legacy and meaning behind the last name.

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Could the Blackhawks be due for a Name Change?

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