Connor McDavid and NHL Agent Calls For Gary Bettman to Make Change

Published March 22, 2023 at 3:21 PM

Edmonton Oilers captain Connor McDavid has called on the National Hockey League (NHL) to create a best-on-best series, in which the top players from each country compete against one another. McDavid's comments came he's been watching the baseballs best-on-best series recently.

Speaking to reporters in Edmonton, he emphasized that such a series would not only be exciting for fans but also beneficial for players, as it would enable them to play against the world's top talents, something that is not possible in regular NHL games.

An NHL agent who manages some of the best players in the league also called out Bettman, which can be seen below:

See the iconic showdown between Ohtani and Trout at WBC? Gary Bettman and the owners have robbed NHL players and the fans of Olympics and World Cups. A generation of NHL stars have never represented their countries best on best. It's such a lost opportunity for everyone.

It remains to be seen whether the NHL will take up McDavid's suggestion and create a best-on-best series. However, with the growing popularity of international hockey tournaments, it seems that there is an increasing demand for the world's top players to face off against each other more frequently, it would grow the game greatly.

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Connor McDavid and NHL Agent Calls For Gary Bettman to Make Change

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