Connor Bedard's parents reveal how they cope with it all

July 27, 2023  (0:00)

Connor Bedard's parent, Melanie Bedard, has supported him through the ups and downs of being a hockey player.

Melanie believes that she has done a great job in raising a humble child. Even during interviews, Connor remains grounded and provides thoughtful responses to questions.
Melanie and Tom have seen Connor through his Bantam days and have seen him progress to junior hockey.
«As a parent, even watching the (WHL) playoffs, there were a couple of times Tom and I would look at each other — you see that level, the speed, the physicality, and as a mom, you worry,» Melanie said. «Even just standing at the rinks, whether it's at the world juniors or Regina or on the road in the WHL, people come to the games when Connor's playing and they're sort of expecting something amazing every time. Being in the stands, I do feel a bit of that pressure for him. But I really don't think he pays attention to that outside noise — the good or the bad. He doesn't pay attention to it, doesn't get wrapped up in it, and we really follow that example. If we did start paying attention to it, it'd be overwhelming. He's just 18.»

He has excelled in the Western Hockey League (WHL) where he played for the Regina St. Pats.
Although the conditions of his playing career have made his parents question their decisions, Connor has always met their expectations.
Currently, Bedard is in Chicago, and his parents are anxious about his transition. A veteran Blackhawks player has offered to help him adjust to his new surroundings, but the Bedards have always focused on the bigger picture for Connor.
«It's all those moments as a parent where you just feel nervous,» Melanie said. «When they're going to take their driver's test and you're like, oooooooh, waiting for the call. Obviously, Connor's journey is different because the sports world is watching. But those feelings are no different than what any child goes through, all the highs and lows of life. As a parent, you just hope that you've instilled everything and that they're going to be OK. But you have all those worries, whether they play hockey or not.»

They have taught him to be considerate of the specifics, but they have also allowed him to lead the way.
Although they are nervous, they are confident that Connor will continue to exceed expectations and perform well under pressure.
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Connor Bedard's parents reveal how they cope with it all

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