Connor Bedard gets sound advice from Connor McDavid

Published August 30, 2023 at 3:39 PM

As Connor Bedard prepares to make his NHL debut in 2023-2024, he will be seeking advice from veteran players.

As he has said, he wants to be a sponge around Connor McDavid and soak up all the knowledge he can.

Connor Bedard is getting advice from Connor McDavid ahead of the start of his NHL rookie season https://nhl.com/news/connor-bedard-getting-advice-from-connor-mcdavid-ahead-of-nhl-rookie-season/c-345695964?tcid=tw_news_content_id via

Bedard has an early opportunity to work with someone like Connor McDavid since both players are attending the BioSteel NHL camp at the moment.

"He says a lot of good stuff and he's obviously one of, if not the best player in the world," Bedard said Tuesday. "That's someone I've been able to be a sponge with and ask some questions."

A first-overall selection in 2015, McDavid is advising Bedard as one of the best in the NHL.

"Nothing crazy specific I'll say, but there are definitely some things he said on what to expect and everything," Bedard said. "Obviously it's not an easy League. It's the best League in the world. But I think it's just preparing yourself the best you can, and I feel I've done that this summer. I've worked really hard and tried to improve myself every day. That's all you can really do leading up to camp."

Connor McDavid hasn't been asked any specific questions by Bedard, but we imagine he has countless questions for the often Stanley Cup playoff performer.

As a six-time 100-point scorer, McDavid knows how to succeed in the NHL.

With 71 goals, 72 assists and 143 points, Bedard led the WHL in points and looks to McDavid as someone who can deal with pressure.

His first season in the NHL will no doubt benefit from McDavid's advice.

"I want to do well. I'm hard on myself and expect a lot from myself. But I think pressure goes away when you're just doing what you love and hoping to be playing in the League I've dreamed of playing for 18 years now. So I wouldn't think of outside noise too much."

"You never want to be like, 'Oh I can't do this,'" Bedard said. "I don't think that mindset is great. But I'm not him and I'm my own person, my own player. I think he's the pinnacle right now and you're like, 'This guy is the best or one of the best. How can I get closer to him?'

"That's such a great thing in sports is you're always competing against guys, competing against teams and you want to win. For me to get to spend time with him, be on the ice with him and just try to compete with him, he's obviously unbelievable. You can barely talk about his stats because they're so ridiculous. But for me, it's trying to be my own player and the best I can be."

Bedard soon will begin to walk his own NHL path. The nerves are there, but so is the eagerness.

"Your dream and lifelong goal is to play in the NHL and be an impact player in the NHL and that's what I want to do," he said. "For me, it's just about training, going to camp and earning my spot on the team.

"Of course I want to be a good player and be making a difference and I want to win. That's like anyone in the League. Of course there's some nerves, but there's so much excitement just to get there and get going."
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Connor Bedard gets sound advice from Connor McDavid

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