Connor Bedard gets brutally honest about the teams horrendous powerplay

Published December 9, 2023 at 10:42

Connor Bedard shared that he's feeling good about the Chicago Blackhawks' power play getting better lately. They've scored in three out of the last five games, and he sees progress.

Connor Bedard said the power play feels like it's getting "a lot better." They've at least scored in 3 of the last 5 games.

O-zone entries are part of that. The Hawks are diversifying their approach in that area.

Richardson: "We've talked to just turning up into a speed breakout and not doing the drop — throwing a different wrench at teams."

Last game:

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They're working on doing things differently when they're in the offensive zone to make the power play more effective. Coach Luke Richardson explained that they're trying out a new strategy, turning up the speed instead of doing the usual drop, to surprise the other teams.

These changes show that the Blackhawks are trying new things to make their power play stronger. With Bedard's positive outlook, fans can look forward to seeing more exciting plays in the upcoming games.
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Connor Bedard gets brutally honest about the teams horrendous powerplay

Is the Blackhawks top powerplay better or worse with Seth Jones on it?

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