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Connor Bedard's Teammate Reveals His Secret to Being So Good?

Published January 11, 2023 at 0:34

Connor Bedard has recently trended for being the most highly touted prospect in all of hockey after putting team Canada on his back to win a gold medal during the World Junior Hockey Championships tournament. Bedard is still VERY young, at just seventeen years of age Bedard has demolished Peter Forsberg, Connor McDavid, Eric Lindros and many other remarkable NHL greats in point categories while representing Canada at the World Juniors.

With all the hype around Bedard, he was given an interview during Canadas game against Slovakia, Bedard seemed completely out of it with red, red eyes and was zoned out the entire time, Bedard didn't answer a single question and it seemed quite awkward.

Former NHL goon Paul Bissonnette recently had Dylan Guenther, Bedard's teammate on his podcast Spittin Chiclets and Bissonnette believes he knows how Connor Bedard is so good.

Paul Bissonnette stated he thinks Bedard is big on THC ''edibles'' and Dylan Guenther, Bedard's teammate stated in response to Bissonnette's comments that he does look a little spaced out.

The kid is just 17 years of age, he's quite nervous with all the pressure on his shoulders so no surprise with the awkward interviews.
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Connor Bedard's Teammate Reveals His Secret to Being So Good?

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