Connor Bedard Defends The Regina Pats To Media

Published June 11, 2023 at 0:31

More buzz has continued surrounding Connor Bedard and top national hockey league prospects, as they all attending the NHL combine.

The projected No. 1 pick has also attending the Stanley Cup Final in Las Vegas, where he was on the NHL TNT Face-Off panel during an intermission. Showing more personality as he took a fun shot at Paul Bissonette.

These events and combines come with the interviews and media, especially with
Connor Bedard being the main focus, some questions can be considered idiotic or dumb.

One question Connor Bedard was asked about, was how he turned around the Regina Pats team and brought in increased ticket sales. He was also asked if what he did with the Pats is comparable to trying to turn around the Blackhawks, and he took some offense to that.

"There's no difference between guys on teams; you're all in this together." - Connor Bedard

Full quote:

"I think it's pretty unfair for you to say about rosters and talking about players and whatnot. For me, going to Regina, I had a lot of good
players with me and I don't think I was turning the franchise around. We were all trying to win games together. Wherever I end up, if I'm playing in the NHL, it'll be the same thing. There's no difference between guys on teams; you're all in this together. So I don't think I
would think (about] it at all like that.»

Connor Bedard is known for being very modest and not taking anything for granted, so when asked this question he definitely took some offence to it. Despite being the projected 1st overall pick, Connor Bedard believes that the Pats had a lot of great players with him which led to his success. Bedard, would be happy wherever he lands even if it's not first overall.
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Connor Bedard Defends The Regina Pats To Media

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