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Chicago Blackhawks diehard fan CM Punk makes a major announcement that shocks many

Published November 26, 2023 at 12:22

In a surprising twist, a Chicago Blackhawks superfan and crowd favorite, CM Punk, just made a shocking announcement. Punk, known for being a big supporter of the Blackhawks, has been around in the wrestling world for a long time.

After the main event, Punk's famous "Cult of Personality" entrance theme played, and he entered the arena, creating a lot of excitement. The crowd, well-aware of Punk's love for the Blackhawks, cheered loudly as he knelt down and shouted:

"It's clobberin' time!"

Punk's journey took an unexpected turn in August when he got fired from All Elite Wrestling (AEW), WWE's top rival. This happened after he got into a fight backstage with wrestler Jack Perry. Punk's two years in AEW had a lot of injuries and drama behind the scenes, including a few physical fights. Despite all that, Punk became a two-time AEW world champion and one of the biggest money-makers for the promotion.

Now, Punk's return to WWE is a big deal in the wrestling world and beyond. Being a devoted Blackhawks fan, Punk's announcement has added more excitement for fans who've been following his career.

WWE chief content officer Paul "Triple H" Levesque, talking after the event, said:

"This was one of those moments that came together very quickly. But we are really excited about it. It's been a long time. You can say this about CM Punk: Love him, hate him, positive, negative, people talk about him all the time. He's a conversation starter, and it's tough to look past that."

As Punk comes back to WWE, Blackhawks fans and wrestling fans are curious to see what happens next in his career.

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Chicago Blackhawks diehard fan CM Punk makes a major announcement that shocks many

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