Chicago Blackhawks Head Coach Reveals a Health Timeline Update on Jonathan Toews

Published March 6, 2023 at 7:12 PM

The Chicago Blackhawks made numerous moves before and at the NHL's Trade deadline as General Manager Kyle Davidson basically had a fire sale, trading away almost everyone possible.

One name that was rumoured to have been on the move, but couldn't due to his health issues was Captain Serious, Jonathan Toews. There were a lot of teams interested in Toews especially the Winnipeg Jets. Toews has been out of the lineup with Covid like illnesses and today Blackhawks head coach Luke Richardson would give us a update of Toews:

Richardson said Toews has been around the team while working out and trying to get back on the ice. The Blackhawks' captain has been sharing some tips with the centers and trying to do what he can to help despite not being with them on the ice. Every center on the roster has, at some point this season, talked about how much they've benefitted from working with and against Toews in practice.

"I thought the timeline was going to be a bit earlier to get on the ice but the way he was feeling, we wanted to continue in the gym and hopefully we get to that next step soon."

Four times in the past couple weeks, as veterans kept leaving, a Blackhawks player has mentioned Jonathan Toews' mantra that everybody should have a voice, regardless of age or experience.

Toews was here tonight, too, and has been around the team a lot as he works his way back. We're hoping Toews can return but with his well documented health issues we're hoping that Toews isn't forced to retire before he absolutely wants too.

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Chicago Blackhawks Head Coach Reveals a Health Timeline Update on Jonathan Toews

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