Caufield Caught Calling Tim Stutzle a «F***ing P**sy» (VIDEO)

Published April 7, 2022 at 3:25 PM

The Montreal Canadiens faced off against the Ottawa Senators last game, and some bad blood got contaminated between the two teams. Brendan Gallagher did not seem to happy about a specific Ottawa Senators player after the game. Tim Stutzle to be specific, after what looked like a knee on knee collision with Nick Suzuki, Gallagher thought himself that Stutzle is known for diving and flopping all over the place.

Suzuki and others mention that Stutzle does it to himself unknowingly with how quick he moved and tries to dodge huts, as it puts him in a vulnerable positioning. Caufield seems to have his own thoughts on it as well, seen on camera at the perfect time calling out Tim Stutzle:

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Caufield Caught Calling Tim Stutzle a «F***ing P**sy» (VIDEO)

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