Carey Prices' health takes a dramatic turn for the better.

Published June 9, 2023 at 1:03

When pro athlete reaches the end of their careers, most of the fan base is not aware of how they cope with the loss of playing the sport they love.

Most athletes have been playing this sport at a young age and have encompassed much of their life around it to give themselves an identity. Sometimes, losing the ability to play can cause all kinds of mental health and physical problems for the athlete.

It appears to be the case for Montreal Canadiens goaltender Carey Price. Price had been battling several injuries to his knee over the past few seasons which have kept him out of the game and led him to chronic substance abuse.

With the strong support of his family and the will to improve his life, Price decided to check himself into a program offered by the NHL to help him battle his crisis and try to wean himself off of the substances he was taking.

After a year away from the game, Price's name emerged into the world when his wife Angela decided to post the status of how her husband is doing mentally and physically.


It's great to see that he has found the help he needed and is loving life between fishing and spending time with his family on the ocean. As for his career, it appears that it is over as a goaltender but his life has just begun as a fan.
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Carey Prices' health takes a dramatic turn for the better.

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