Bruce Cassidy Apologizes To The Arizona Coyotes

Published June 2, 2023 at 0:01

The Vegas Golden Knights have accomplished an incredible feat by making it to their second Stanley Cup Finals in just six seasons as an expansion team.

However, sometimes coaches can make mistakes by not only criticizing their own team but also poking fun at others.

Unfortunately, Bruce Cassidy is not exempt from this behavior.

«We had 24 giveaways," Cassidy said after Game 5. "I'm not sure you're beating the Arizona Coyotes in January with 24 giveaways. That's no disrespect to Arizona, but it's not the right way to play.»

During his commentary on the Golden Knights' Game 5 against the Dallas Stars, Cassidy made a comparison to the Arizona Coyotes that implied they were a lesser team in the league and unable to win with 24 giveaways. This comment was unprofessional and bordered on being antagonistic, which is not Cassidy's usual style of dialogue.

After receiving backlash, Cassidy apologized for his disrespectful remarks, which he called "Disrespectful" and acknowledged that it was unfair to bring the Coyotes into the conversation.

But now, Cassidy regrets the remark and apologized.

"It was disrespectful," he said. "It was a dumb thing to say about puck management, to bring another team in."

Despite Cassidy's comments, it should be noted that the Golden Knights did lose to the Coyotes 4-1 in Mullett Arena this year, but only had two giveaways.

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Bruce Cassidy Apologizes To The Arizona Coyotes

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