Blackhawks keep losing defensemen

Published December 18, 2022 at 10:31 PM

The Blackhawks' got to a point in tonight's game where they were down to four defensemen against the New York Rangers. Caleb Jones went into the locker room after getting hit along the boards, but he returned for the third period. Jarred Tinordi didn't get so lucky; after taking a puck to the face, the stitches on his chin reopened and he didn't return to the game.

Tinordi was originally injured against the Winnipeg Jets on Dec. 9 after taking a skate to the chin. He needed 50-100 stitches and wore a full face shield for the next few games. Jones recently came back from tightness in his hip.

It's unclear where the defensemen stand, but Tinordi will likely miss a few games to avoid further injury to his face.
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