Blackhawks fans will never forget Toews' legacy.

Published September 15, 2023 at 4:11 PM

As the Blackhawks begin a new era, spearheaded by Connor Bedard, Blackhawks fans, their organization, and even the NHL will always remember the contributions that the former beloved captain and center, Jonathan Toews, brought to the Blackhawks.

Much like today, the Blackhawks were mired in a turbulent time in their history when attendance was on a steep decline, and the team was going nowhere in terms of qualifying for the playoffs and competing for the Stanley Cup.

Year after year, the team was spinning its wheels when a decision was made to turn the page and bring in someone new to help lead the team forward.

In 2006, the Blackhawks selected Toews in the first round, third pick overall. This move signalled the end of misery and a new beginning that brought in new players, which included Patrick Kane.

Both of these players, along with a complimentary group of others, were able to bring elation to the fanbase as the Blackhawks went on to win three Stanley Cups in less than 10 years, along with multiple Stanley Cup finals.

Toews' love for hockey began at the age of three when his father, Bryan Toews, strapped skates to him, and he showed great interest in the sport.

Bryan was quoted as saying, "Jonathan could see things you'd show him and then go right out there and do them much better than I'd describe them. I remember I had him on the lake when he was four. He had such a natural stride. I remember several parents coming up to me and asking, 'How old is that kid?'"

Jonathan also weighed in on the conversation, explaining, "It wasn't that natural for me. I never was one of the biggest kids, but I kind of found myself thinking of ways in my mind to beat them," he said. "I'd use my skating, my stickhandling, my wits to visualize ways to win."

Having spent his entire 16-year career with the Blackhawks thus far, the trophies and accolades he's accumulated are outstanding. He has played 1067 games, scored 372 goals with 511 assists, and has 883 points, with a +148 rating. He owns three Stanley Cup rings, along with a Conn Smythe Trophy, a Frank Selke Trophy, and the Mark Messier Leadership Award. He also holds two gold medals for the Winter Olympics for Canada.

After an amazing run with the Blackhawks, COVID struck him during the pandemic, during which he struggled with long-term COVID-19 symptoms.

General manager Kyle Davidson decided to turn the page on Toews and Kane and what they brought to the Blackhawks and after a heartfelt farewell in his final game, taves decided during the summer to step away from the game for the time being as he continues to work on his health.

No matter what happens going forward, he will always be remembered as a Blackhawk and one of the best players in NHL history.
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Blackhawks fans will never forget Toews' legacy.

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