Blackhawks Training Camp Has Some Exciting New Faces

Published October 6, 2023 at 8:12 PM

With Connor Bedard as their best prospect, the Chicago Blackhawks are rebuilding.

In order to succeed in the NHL, Bedard needs all the help he can get, such as Nick Foligno.

Think Nick Foligno brought his sons to practice today.

During practice, Foligno teaches his kids about hockey early on, as his dad undoubtedly did with him and Marcus. Their love for the game will grow as they spend more time around it!

The boys are following in Dad's footsteps by attending Blackhawks practices, wearing helmets and jerseys, and ready to go!

His sons will probably not become Blackhawks one day, but this is an adorable picture of Dad practicing while the kids watch.

Can you tell me if Connor Bedard taught them how to shoot a puck? It would have been great if that had happened.

October 6   |   30 answers
Blackhawks Training Camp Has Some Exciting New Faces

Do you think they got to hang out with Connor Bedard at all?

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