Blackhawks Rookie Gets Leveled And No One Defends Him

Published December 16, 2022 at 8:55

Remember when you would hit a Chicago Blackhawks player and you would face the wrath from players like Steve Larmer, Jeremy Roenick, Brent Seabrook, just to name a few?

Cue the Blackhawks this season and that identity and grit isn't there. Earlier this week the Chicago Blackhawks faced the New Jersey Devils. During the game, Blackhawks rookie Lukas Reichel who was called up in replace of Jonathan Toews who was sick, would get nailed by Devils defenceman Brendan Smith.

After the hit it was disappointing to see his linemates not come to his defense. Like previous Blackhawks teams, if that happened it would of caused mayhem. Instead it shows teams that they can knock around the Blackhawks with no repercussions, and their top prospect at least.

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Blackhawks Rookie Gets Leveled And No One Defends Him

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