Blackhawks Max Domi Calls Out His Former Team's City in Interview

Published December 22, 2022 at 5:46 PM

A notable signing for the Chicago Blackhawks this off-season has been forward Max Domi, who couldn't be more happier in Chicago playing on the Blackhawks' top line with his childhood idol, Patrick Kane.

He has 31 games played this year and has tallied up for 10 goals and 21 points, a true steal of a signing by Kyle Davidson at just $3,000,000 per season.

Although Chicago's hockey team is in a tough hole right now, but he's okay with that and also expected it, he's more happy about the city.. take a look:

«That was a no-brainer on my side,»
Domi said.
«I knew what the situation was. I was dealt a hand in Columbus which was unfortunate, and it is what it is. I battled through that, and now I have an opportunity to actually play hockey again. [I'm] just enjoying the moment.»

Max Domi on Christmas break:
"I'm pretty excited, actually. My whole family's here. I was in Columbus for two years, so I didn't get many visitors. All of a sudden I'm in a nice city, so my whole family wants to come. I don't know if it's me or the city."

We hope Domi re-signs with the Blackhawks and isn't a trade deadline piece of bait as many are expecting.
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Blackhawks Max Domi Calls Out His Former Team's City in Interview

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