Blackhawks Defenseman: Who Should Stay? Who Should Go?

Published April 9, 2022 at 11:25

The Blackhawks season has been one to forget. One that hopefully we can look back at 5-6 years from now and can say "remember the days when the rebuild first started?" But we are unfortunately at least 3 years away from being able to say that, so let's take a look at who should stay and who should go when it comes to Blackhawks defenseman.

Who should stay:
Seth Jones: The Blackhawks simply spent too much money on him to give up this early. Plus for as much hate as he gets after a bad game, hardly ever is that amount replicated in praise after a good game. No brainer here, keep Seth Jones.

Jake McCabe: Probably unpopular pick among most Blackhawks fans, but Jake McCabe has shown really good flashes this season and something just gives me the hunch that a step forward is coming for him in the next couple of seasons.

Alex Vlasic: Can't give up on him, cause we haven't seen him on the ice very much. Blackhawks need to keep him simply because we haven't seen what he is capable of yet at the NHL level.

Riley Stillman: This one honestly could have gone either way. For me it simply came down to Stillman being more reliable health wise than Connor Murphy.

Who should go:
Calvin de Haan: This should have happened at the trade deadline, the Blackhawks really dropped the ball on that one. Most likely that he will walk in free agency if the Blackhawks don't trade him in the summer.

Caleb Jones: As cool as it would be to have a dynamic duo of brothers of defense for the team, it's just genuinely hard to imagine where Caleb Jones fits in anywhere in this teams future.

Connor Murphy: Definitely an up and down player who struggles to stay healthy. Honestly could be tough to move him this offseason though.

Erik Gustafsson: Ask any Blackhawks fan when they think Erik Gustaffson should be traded, and they'll tell you "yesterday".
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Blackhawks Defenseman: Who Should Stay? Who Should Go?

Who should go out of these two?

De Haan5440 %
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