Blackhawk gets sliced wide open with a skate and receives tons of stitches

Published December 10, 2022 at 2:33

The Chicago Blackhawks can't seem to catch a break lately, whether that is with their tough schedule, bad officiating favoriting the other site or injuries, it's all circulated frequently as of late.

Injuries being a major concern, as with the loss of Alex DeBrincat this off-season the Blackhawks cannot afford to lose any more players to injuries.

The most recent Blackhawk with the injury bug is defensemen Jarred Tinordi, who is 6 foot 5 and 230lbd, one tough customer to say the least.

Tinordi plays the game at a high-level pace while being the Blackhawks heaviest hitting defensemen, and sometimes with that play can cause unfortunate events.

Tinordi was sidelined with an injury which last multiple weeks, his last game played was on November 25th, until the Blackhawks announced he was off the injury reserve list and would partake in the Blackhawks matchup against the Winnipeg Jets last night.

It's almost as if he is cursed with how things are going, Tinordi got caught up in another tough and hurtful situation.

Tinordi was leaking blood on his way to the Blackhawks bench and head coach Luke Richardson assumed he was cut by a stick, but that's when reality set in Tinordi was sliced by a skate, and sliced ‘'wide open'' says the Hawks coach.

The play that Tinordi was cut on can be seen below, don't blink, it happened fast!

Despite having to miss the entire period and also getting cut wide open, after receiving many stitches Tinordi came back out for the following period- a true beast!

View coach Richardson speak ob the gruesome injury:

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Blackhawk gets sliced wide open with a skate and receives tons of stitches

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