Bedard was annoyed after being asked the same question.

Published June 28, 2023 at 1:15

Being an NHL player let alone a budding superstar, they will all face the media after every game after some practices and especially in the playoffs. Some players can handle it well and make themselves available for every media scrum they can.

Others are not as good at handling the media and sometimes let their emotions show themselves.

Just before tomorrow's draft, Connor Bedard was sitting down interviewing with several reporters when asked a repeated question where he appeared to be a little annoyed.

As for his response, he handled it well and even mentioned that he had said this answer over 100 times but was professional in his way.

In my opinion, Bedard better buckle down and be ready for these kinds of questions because they're never going to stop being the player who he is and who he will be it's going to intensify as his career begins to blossom.

It's certainly an exciting time for Blackhawks fans as they are about to witness a first-overall pick heading to their team in the last little while and they have hope that he will be the anchor to bring in more stars to build around and take another run at the playoffs and the cup eventually.
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Bedard was annoyed after being asked the same question.

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