Bedard's teammate exposes his new mentality and it's bad*ss

Published November 13, 2023 at 9:18 PM

Tyler Johnson, a former Stanley Cup champion and current Chicago Blackhawk, thinks Bedard's recent success is due to his attitude.

Tyler Johnson, of the Blackhawks, has seen a lot of post-season play with the Tampa Bay Lightning and knows the kind of attitude necessary to win a Stanley Cup.


Connor Bedard, a rookie, has apparently made an impression on him, as he has complimented his play style lately.

According to Johnson, Bedard seems to have abandoned any pretenses he may have had and now plays with a "F**k you" attitude on the ice. Johnson also notes that this change in attitude has had a positive effect on Bedard's game, as he has become a point-per-game player on the ice.

Tyler Johnson on Bedard: "He's playing with a little bit of an 'F you' mentality, which I really like."

"You need that, especially being a smaller guy. Sometimes you've got to hit the other guy before he hits you. He's starting to play that way, and it's really helping him."

Currently, Bedard is leading all NHL rookies with 9 goals and has generated more interest in the league, thanks to his dominant performances early in his career, surpassing even Connor McDavid at present.

If Bedard can maintain this level of consistency, he could help turn the Blackhawks into a winning team. We can only hope so.

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Bedard's teammate exposes his new mentality and it's bad*ss

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