Bedard reveals his relationship with Drake

Published July 9, 2023 at 1:16 PM

The Chicago Blackhawks franchise has found a noteworthy player in Connor Bedard who has been making waves. Even after being drafted, Bedard's media appearances continue to be frequent.

This is not surprising given that he was the 1st overall selection in the NHL. In fact, even rapper Drake gave him a shout-out on Instagram.

What did Connor Bedard think of
shouting him out on Instagram?

He shares his answer to
on the latest #Blackhawks Talk Podcast:

Despite being a Toronto Maple Leafs fan, it seems that Drake is now switching his loyalties to ANOTHER original 6 team, the Blackhawks, with Bedard now playing for them.

Drake didn't reach out to me, but he threw me on a story(Instagram video) which is pretty cool I think, my buddies were pretty fired up about that

Although Bedard appreciated the recognition from Drake, he admits that they haven't really spoken and was amazed that someone of that level of fame would give him a shout-out.
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Bedard reveals his relationship with Drake

Is Drake a Chicago Blackhawks fan now?

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