BREAKING: NHL Team is Looking to Give Away Star Player For Cheap

Published December 6, 2022 at 4:19 PM

According to Elliote Friedman, the Canucks are willing to move forward, Brock Boeser, for cheap.

Boeser, who is still just 25, has been pretty reliable for the Canucks during his time there since 2016. He has 272 points in 344 games.

Boeser is currently on year one of a three year, $19.95mil contract that earns him $6.7mil a year.

It is a bit strange for a player making $6.7mil with 16 points in 20 games to be moved for cheap, but it seems like the Canucks have a reason.

That reason may be that Boeser is a one-way forward, as he has a -14 +/- in those 20 games this year. He is not on a great defensive team this year, but having 16 points with a -14 +/- in 20 games is not great for any forward, especially one making $6.7mil this year.

Boeser would be a nice asset for the Blackhawks to get if it were cheap enough. A 25-year old with tons of offensive skill could help this rebuilding Hawks squad. Unfortunately, the Hawks need help at the blue line the most, so taking on the money for a forward may not be something Kyle Davidson and company want to do.
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BREAKING: NHL Team is Looking to Give Away Star Player For Cheap

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