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BREAKING: NHL Star Forward Taken to Hospital After Skate Blade Cut

Published November 8, 2023 at 11:07 PM

Jordan Eberle Injured in Kraken Practice

Seattle Kraken forward Jordan Eberle faced a troubling incident in a recent practice session, sustaining a cut from a skate blade to the upper part of his leg that necessitated swift hospitalization. He was rushed to the hospital.

Emergency Measures and Player Replacement

In response to Eberle's unfortunate injury, the Kraken acted promptly, recalling top prospect Shane Wright from their AHL affiliate to step in as an emergency replacement.

Kraken's general manager, Ron Francis, shed light on the nature of Eberle's injury, describing it as a "deep cut" near his quad muscle area. The unsettling incident occurred when Jaden Schwartz, during practice, inadvertently stepped on a puck, leading to a loss of balance, which, in turn, resulted in his skate blade accidentally cutting Eberle.

As the Kraken gear up for an upcoming matchup against the Colorado team, it appears highly likely that one of the prospects, potentially Shane Wright, will step into Eberle's role. The second AHL player is also being considered, as the team works to adapt to the absence of their injured veteran forward.

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BREAKING: NHL Star Forward Taken to Hospital After Skate Blade Cut

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