An NHL team asks Reinbacher a bizarre question during Combine

Published June 29, 2023 at 0:24

With the power of social media and media, in general, being hitched with events such as the NHL combine, you begin to hear these odd questions that some teams will ask players as they evaluate their psyche and how they think.

David Reinbacher, the Austrian-born defenceman was asked an awful question. This 18-year-old is sought out by numerous teams and interviewed repeatedly.

During an interview with TSN, Reinbacher was asked a question at the Combine by an NHL executive about how he would handle an order given if he was in World War Two and that he had to bomb his teammates.

That's certainly one of the oddest questions I've ever heard about a hockey player, and the fact that he was brought over from Austria during World War II makes it even more bizarre. Reinbacher said he was happy that Montreal at least asked him normal questions in his interview with TSN.

According to eliteprospects.com, Reinbacher stands at 6'2» and 187 pounds. They state that he has a rock-solid defensive foundation and has an excellent ability to skate backwards and close up his gaps to help defend against the opposition.
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An NHL team asks Reinbacher a bizarre question during Combine

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