Air Canada Accused of Rigging World Juniors After Messy Airport Situation

Published December 26, 2022 at 1:56 PM

Allan Walsh is a more popular NHL agent as he represents some of the best NHL players as well as the future superstars of the league, the top prospects.

This years World Juniors is taking place in New Brunswick as well as Halifax, Nova Scotia. Many players, if not all, are required to find their own ways to the tournament to meet up with their team before the tournament begins.

One prospect is facing serious issues, and that is David Jiricek, the 6th overall pick in the 2022 NHL draft, who is with the Columbus Blue Jackets. Jiricek's equipment has completely disappeared from the airport, did you think that was bad enough? His sticks, equipment, full set of clothes and everything else he packed is also nowhere to be found, with no explanation.

Jiricek's team is set to kick off the tournament start at 6:30PM today, but he has no equipment.

His gent, Allan Walsh stated he spent many hours on the phone with Air Canada attempting to locate his players equipment and belongings, but there was no luck. Jiricek can't just go to any hockey store and buy new equipment, he requires custom gear as he is 6 foot 3.

A quick turn of events took place after Jiricik's agent publicly called out Air Canada on social media, oddly enough just hours later he received a call back stating they have his equipment.

I want to thank @AirCanada for going above and beyond in locating the missing bags and gear and delivering to Halifax. My sympathies to those impacted by the storm and wishing everyone a peaceful, healthy and safe New Year.

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Air Canada Accused of Rigging World Juniors After Messy Airport Situation

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