A former NHL goaltender lays beatdown on opponent

Published January 29, 2024 at 5:40 PM

Ex-NHL Goalie Gets Into a Scrap on the Ice

In a surprising video that's gone viral on the web, former Winnipeg Jets draft pick Mikhail Berdin made headlines over the weekend for his aggressive response to an opponent's collision during a KHL game.

Playing for Sochi HC, Berdin found himself in the spotlight after Kunlun Red Stars' Devin Brosseau collided with him following a scoring chance near the net.

Instead of brushing it off, Berdin took matters into his own hands and went after Brosseau in retaliation.

Brosseau, caught off guard, quickly assumed a defensive stance, showing he had no intention of engaging in a fight with the angered goalie.

Despite Brosseau offering little resistance, Berdin continued his rapid haymakers with two additional shots, even as Brosseau assumed a 'turtling' position on the ice. Berdin seemed ready to deliver more blows, but he showed restraint once officials stepped in.

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A former NHL goaltender lays beatdown on opponent

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