A Fan Favorite Pat Foley Call

Published April 15, 2022 at 11:57

This may be my nostalgia, this may be just recency bias. Of my favorite Pat Foley calls I could say «Bannerman does it again». It could be a certain Denis Savard overtime goal. For me it goes back to 2014, in the first round against St. Louis. A back and forth affair that went into overtime. Let me paint a picture, St. Louis, the then enterprise center, mostly Hawks fans who made the drive. Puck finds Jonathan Toews with no one around. Foley calls «it's cleared to center for Toews, he has a breakaway. To win the gameHawks Win!»
That goal will always be in my heart as the best moment from Pat Foley. Congratulations on such a career announcing, Pat. We love you.


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