1968 Chicago vs Toronto RARE FOOTAGE In Colour (VIDEO)

Published April 1, 2022 at 11:05

It is hard to stumble across footage from the 1960-1970s era, as it's hard to retrieve footage from so long ago. You couldn't upload it to iCloud, or on your laptop- VHS only became available in 1978.

On top of all that, we have a original 6 team face off! Let's take a dive into the teams rosters back in those days:

Bobby Hull (FWD) - 107 points in 74 games.
Stan Mikita (FWD) - 97 points in 74 games.
Jim Pappin (FWD) - 70 points in 75 games.
Dennis Dejordy (Goalie) - 22W 22L .908 SV%
Dave Dryden (Goalie) - 11W 11L record

Norm Ullman (FWD) - 77 points in 75 games.
Dave Keon (FWD) - 61 points in 75 games.
Paul Henderson - 59 points in 75 games.
Tim Horton - (DEF) - 40 points in 74 games.

Both teams are the most nitty gritty you will see, Toronto totalling 950 penalty minutes in 234 games. Chicago totalling 832 penalty minutes as well, makes for one heck of a old school hockey game.


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1968 Chicago vs Toronto RARE FOOTAGE In Colour (VIDEO)

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