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Blackhawks to disappoint fans with 2024 draft decision

Published February 29, 2024 at 11:44

We are far from thinking about the 2024 NHL Entry Draft, but the team is still scouting talent for the upcoming draft throughout the 2023-2024 regular season.

As long as the lottery favors the Blackhawks, there will be franchise talent available, should the team pick in the top 10.

Despite this, it never hurts to have another strategy available to keep track of available players.

Macklin Celebrini, James Hagens, Anton Frondell, Porter Martone, Roger McQueen, and Michael Misa are just a few of the notable franchise players available.

But if you're not drafting in the top 10, you might have to think outside the box.

In this situation, you may have to draft a defenseman, and there are a lot of good blueliners available this year.

After playing two seasons in North America, Artyom Levshunov has put himself above expectations as one of these blueliners. Currently favored to be the first defenseman selected.

Undoubtedly, Zayne Parekh, a skilled offensive defenseman with an excellent hockey IQ and a two-way play style who will have to improve his physicality in the minors, will be drafted among the top 15 players.


The addition of Carter Yakemchuk, a right-defenseman who stands 6-3, 194 lbs, and has offensive skills that have put him on draft boards would be a great addition. Yakemchuk may be selected among the first nine to eighteen players in the 2024 draft.


LD Sam Dickinson is an all-around player, who would be selected among the first 4-8 picks in the draft. Besides being a reliable two-way defenseman, he also plays well on the offensive end. While Vlasic and Korchinski are both left-handed defensemen, the Blackhawks owe it to themselves to give this player a chance.


Another great option would be Anton Silayev, who stands 6-7 and is an LD. His development path is intriguing. Could he become the next Tyler Myers or Zdeno Chara? Considering the uncertainty of his development, he could end up going in the latter part of the first round, 7-12.


Lastly, Kyle Davidson and the Blackhawks could select Zeev Buium, who is projected to go from the 10s to the 20s by BlackhawkUp. His height is below average, and he has just turned 18 years old. While his size might be an issue, he contributes a point per game to his team at the University of Denver. Despite his great and elusive passes, he could end up being selected between picks 12 and 20 in the draft.

In the 2024 NHL Draft, will the Blackhawks again take a defenseman in the first round? They could pick Artyom Levhshunov or Sam Dickinson in the top 5. Zeev Buium, or Carter Yakemchuk, might be a good selection if they select in the latter part of the 1st round.

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Blackhawks to disappoint fans with 2024 draft decision

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