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Veteran journalist Réjean Tremblay

Hughes and Gorton receive clear message from Réjean Tremblay

Published March 9, 2024 at 10:46 PM

The well-known journalist Réjean Tremblay is not one to hold back his opinions. He has been vocal about the current state of the Canadiens and has expressed his dissatisfaction with the team's rebuilding process.

According to Marqueur.com, in one of his recent columns published on the BPM Sports website, Tremblay has practically pleaded with the organization to take significant action in order to improve the team's performance next year. Here are his exact words:

"It takes another departure. Absolutely. That of Jake Allen. Even if it's for a dozen hockeys. Allen needs to make room under the salary cap. With the current six million hole and the three freed up by Allen's departure, Jeff Gorton could repeat the Artemi Panarin move with the Rangers. Bring a real star to Montreal, a veteran, a prodigy, to send the signal that the team has no more excuses. That the time has come to work hard and win. The end of complacency, it's in March that the signal must be given. If we want to be serious next October."

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Hughes and Gorton receive clear message from Réjean Tremblay

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