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Corey Perry gets trashed by entire fan base following recent move

Published February 10, 2024 at 6:20 PM

Corey Perry was a skilled offensive player in his early career, winning a Stanley Cup and many international games.

However, as the game of hockey evolved, Perry had to change his playing style to remain competitive and maintain his position on other teams in the league.


He has played for several teams with the potential to win the Cup in recent years, including the Dallas Stars, Tampa Bay Lightning, and Montreal Canadiens, but unfortunately, he has not yet won another championship.

Recently, Perry's contract was terminated with the Chicago Blackhawks, but he was allowed to return to the league and quickly signed by Ken Holland and the Edmonton Oilers.

Perry has been playing alongside Leon Draisaitl on the Oilers' team and has played three games so far, earning an assist.

During one of these games, however, Perry's behavior as a "pest" was caught on video.

He hacked John Gibson's stick out of his hand, allowing his teammate Evander Kane to score on the Ducks.

This non-call caused a stir among the Anaheim fanbase, as Perry had previously won a Stanley Cup with the team.

The indignation that the Ducks fans must have felt must be felt deep in their soul.

Perry will never change it looks like, the Pest remains.
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Corey Perry gets trashed by entire fan base following recent move

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