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The Chicago Blackhawks haven't broken this curse yet

Published March 6, 2024 at 9:53

After being shutout by the Colorado Avalanche, the Chicago Blackhawks have hit an all-time low.

A new record was set recently, which added further salt to the wound, after losing 5-0 to the Avalanche.

This loss to the Avalanche is the team's 22nd on the road this season.


It was also Justus Annunen's second shutout of the Chicago Blackhawks.

In 2023, the team was last victorious on the road against the Tampa Bay Lightning on November 9th.

This 22-game loss streak ranks 4th in all-time road losses in league history, not a record you want.


Losing two more games could mean the team would catch up with the Oakland Seals, who lost 24 road games in 73-74.

The team could end up 2nd all-time in road losses if they lose 37-38, but we hope it doesn't happen.

Luke Richardson and the team need to find a new path quickly, or else the record will continue to progress, for the worse.

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The Chicago Blackhawks haven't broken this curse yet

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