The Blackhawks have signed the most valuable free agent available

Joshua Deeds
July 4, 2024  (3:50 PM)

Alec Martinez
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The Chicago Blackhawks have landed one of the top defensive free agents in Alec Martinez.

Fans are familiar with Martinez, as in 2014, the Kings defeated the Blackhawks in the WCF sending them to the Stanley Cup Finals.

As a three-time Stanley Cup champion, Martinez will have a lot to add to a growing Blackhawks roster, full of young talent.
Beyond his leadership, Alec Martinez should also be able to help the Blackhawks on the ice.

He leads the NHL in blocked shots over the last 2 seasons, and his analytics around the blue line are impressive.


Martinez has made it to the playoffs ten times in 15 seasons with the Los Angeles Kings and Vegas Golden Knights combined.
Martinez joined the Blackhawks because:
«First and foremost, with the things [general manager Kyle Davidson] did just a few days ago to the roster . . . I think we're going to be pretty good,» Martinez said Wednesday.

Beyond his optimist, the 37-year old Michigan native signed a one year deal for $4 Million, with the team because Davidson's vision aligns with his values currently.
«When I talked to everyone, and when I sat down and really thought about it and talked to my wife, Chicago was overwhelmingly a positive thing,» he added. «I felt that if we were able to make it work, I was exactly where I should be.

«I truly believe they're trying to build this the right way. They're trying to do things the right way, bringing in the right people and all that.»

Martinez would reach out to Nick Foligno and Connor Murphy were two players he spoke to prior to his arrival in Chicago, along with a length conversation about Davidson's goals for the team.
Martinez views this chance, as a way of giving back to the game of hockey which has given so much to him, as he mentors players like Kevin Korchinski, Ethan Del Mastro, Alex Vlasic or even Wyatt Kaiser. He hopes to pass on wisdom learned from ex-Kings, like Rob Scuderi or Robyn Regehr in the 2010s.
«I look at this as an opportunity where I can give back to the game of hockey that's given me a lot,» Martinez said. «[When] you look at some of the young guys in the room — that was one of the things [in the] research I was doing — there's a lot of talent.»

Martinez has made quick friends with Nick Foligno if that is any sign of a positive step in Chicago already. Both players have their views aligned on leadership and hockey.
«I would say I have somewhat of a longer fuse, but I really like to try to pick my spots,» he said. «Sometimes, if you say and do too much, then it doesn't mean as much when you speak up. If you pick your spots and do it at the right time, you're more often going to get a lot more people to pay attention and listen.»

While his production may be declining as he ages, where he scored a career-high 39 in 2016-2017, to 17 in 2023-2024. He should still be a valuable addition to the Blueline as his blocked shots total in the past two seasons, sits at 409 and is a great penalty killer.
He also is an analytical darling, in denying zone entries, while helping to facilitate zone exits leading the Knights defenseman in that metric last year.
«I still love the game,» Martinez said. «I still want to play. I feel like I'm effective; I feel I can contribute. Physically, I feel really good, especially when I'm out there on the ice. But just like anyone my age, you might have to add five minutes to that warmup.»
The Blackhawks have signed the most valuable free agent available

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