Connor Bedard issues surprise statement on Blackhawks winning Cup

Ryan Hall
May 25, 2024  (9:26)

Blackhawks Connor Bedard
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Connor Bedard's rookie season was not satisfying for him and he has made a bold statement that he intends to help the Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup sooner rather than later.

During his inaugural season with the league, bedard felt that his game and the team could have been far better as his drive and determination fuels his want to make the playoffs to take a shot at the Cup.
"We obviously wish for more success as a group, but that's what we're trying to grow and become better every year, I thought we took some steps to that along the year.»

"I don't think I was overly happy personally too. We're players. We're trying to win every game. We're not thinking about the process or anything like that. We're going out and trying to win every night. That's how we see it and that's our approach to every game."

The 18-year-old had a very wild first season in the NHL as he saw several incidents along his path that helped and hindered his season. With the controversy with Corey Perry, and a broken jaw which kept him out for many weeks and recently has been named a finalist for the Calder trophy.
"Just keep growing together," Bedard said. "We've got a good young core. Experience is big. Growing up together. This year was frustrating but we learned a lot. I think we're kind of at the bottom right now. Just keep building, keep getting better, and eventually be a really good team in the League. That's our goal of course.

Bedard's Blackhawks Have a long road ahead of them as they continue to remain at the bottom of the standings while the team rebuilds from the ground up. Going into this year's draft, the Blackhawks have the second overall choice which many have felt they will be drafting defenseman Artyom Leshunov.
It's important for Bedard to have a strong offseason and continue to build his strength and his focus while resting while he can before training camp begins in September.
It's going to be a very interesting summer for the Blackhawks as many big decisions continue to lay in their path.
Bedard focused on helping Blackhawks build back into Stanley Cup Playoff contenders
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Connor Bedard issues surprise statement on Blackhawks winning Cup

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