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Chicago Blackhawks set to trade Tyler Johnson this summer

Published April 2, 2024 at 10:49

As the offseason nears, questions arise about Tyler Johnson's future with the Chicago Blackhawks.

Despite his solid season, the Blackhawks seem to be parting ways with him.

With a $5 million salary and just one year left, trading him will help the Blackhawks free up cap space or get future assets. This fits their rebuild plans.

The team will also want to focus on younger players, and this is a good first step in living up to the 'youth' aspect. At 32, Johnson may not fit their long-term plans. Letting him go could open up opportunities for younger talent, with Frank Nazar coming to Chicago next season.

Moreover, the team might have different priorities. While Johnson adds scoring depth, the Blackhawks might need help elsewhere, like defense or goaltending.

Summary: Johnson has been good, which has raised his trade value, the Blackhawks letting him go to address other needs and make room for younger players. Fans will watch closely as the offseason unfolds.

Source: NHLTR
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Chicago Blackhawks set to trade Tyler Johnson this summer

Should the Blackhawks keep this vet around for the rebuild?

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