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Chicago Blackhawks bench forward to ‘send him a message'

Published February 17, 2024 at 2:03

The Blackhawks have been in a tricky situation all year with one player; Lukas Reichel.

After a strong end to last year's campaign, which also happened to net the Blackhawks Connor Bedard, Reichel was one of the main talking points. He was called up after the trade deadline after spending the whole year with Rockford and tallied seven goals and eight assists; 15 points in 23 games. And being the first round pick in 2020 and only 20 years old, there was a lot of upside.

Well, that has not added up this year. Lukas has been struggling and losing more and more confidence the entire season. He just cannot get anything going in the offensive end. He doesn't shoot the puck as much as he should because he tries to do too much, such as attempting to dangle through four people or just holding onto the puck for too long and losing it.

Reichel only has three goals and ten points this year in 50 games. He also holds a -28.

There's been talk throughout the fanbase to send him down, and it has officially reached the coaching staff.

Richardson talked with Reichel after practice, and it looks like he'll be a healthy scratch for tomorrow's game against the Ottawa Senators. According to Luke Richardson, there have been some discussions about sending him down to the AHL.

«Richardson talked to Reichel for several minutes after practice today, but Reichel is expected to remain a healthy scratch tomorrow.

Richardson was asked if sending Reichel to Rockford could be a possibility:
‘Sometimes it's a little bit of a instant blow to someone's confidence... They're embarrassed a little bit that they didn't succeed. But the reason of using that tool is to succeed. It has done well for him in the past, so it could be something we look at in the future.' »

At this point, a send down couldn't hurt, as he just needs to get some confidence back. Let him tear it up down in Rockford and call him back up by the end of the year and see if it did anything. But, he should be a main focus this off-season. You have to get him going.
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Chicago Blackhawks bench forward to ‘send him a message'

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