Chicago Blackhawks attendance issues have officially been addressed

May 19, 2024  (4:16 PM)

Blackhawks and the Anaheim Ducks
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The Chicago Blackhawks have had amazing attendance thanks to drafting Connor Bedard.

The Blackhawks faithful have repaid Kyle Davidson and the team in dividends, even after Bedard's honeymoon phase ended with the fans.
While a drop in attendance should seem likely, according to projections, even while the team won't be a contender fans are ready to show up in droves.
According to analytics, attendance across the NHL improved by 1.9% with Hawks fans being major contributors.

Hawks fans increased their support from 17, 167 per game in 2022-2023 to 18, 836 per game in 2023-2024. This ranked fourth behind the Canadiens, Lightning, and Red Wings.
The Hawk's increase was significant at 9.7% year-over-year, which was slightly behind the Panthers at 11.7% for the league lead.
«The two leading drivers for [our] attendance increases are, No. 1, the Connor Bedard effect, and the second is our increase in our weekend games,» Hawks business president Jaime Faulkner said this week.

With Bedard being the Calder Trophy favorite, the fans' interest in the team has experienced a rebound spilling over into successful attendance figures.
The weekend effect has also helped the team draw interest, along with Bedard whose absence did effect the energy in the United Center, during his time of absence.
With 25 of 41 games taking place on the weekend, the fans rewarded the Blackhawks for their efforts.
The Hawks averaged 19,196 fans at weekend games, up from 18,257 the year before (a 5.1% increase). Meanwhile, they averaged 18,272 at weekday games, up from 16,226 the year before (a 12.6% increase).

It's worth noting they've made the same request to maximize weekend games in 2024-25. Although the complexity of the United Center calendar makes that request's fulfillment non-guaranteed, they're hoping for roughly 25 again

The Hawks have also maximized diversity in the fanbase, directing their focus towards, non-white, female, and Gen-Z bases which rank amongst the largest in the league.
Since box office renewals opened on February 21st, the team has experienced a 9.6% renewal rate.
This is also counting the fact that the team increased their ticket prices 6% and up to 20% in their higher demand, 300-level seats.
While this remains an increase, prices remain cheaper than they were in 2021 according to Blackhawks Business Operations own Jamie Faulkner.
The team has been so successful, that they have met almost 90% of the internal cap for season tickets sold. This leaves many single-game tickets for fans who want to attend games during the season available.
300-level memberships are nearing internal cap as well, meaning there will be limited season ticket memberships available in that area soon. They expect to fill these by the end of the summer.
«One thing that has been top-of-mind and very important to us is to ensure we can continue to have tickets available for our games and that we do not price families out,» Faulkner said.

The Blackhawks look to improve upon the team and the attendance, leaving the United Center fuller and the product on-ice better next season.
Source: Chicago-Sun Times
Blackhawks expect attendance to remain high in 2024-25 after big increase last season
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Chicago Blackhawks attendance issues have officially been addressed

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