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Blackhawks Head Coach Luke Richardson Issues A Major Warning for Connor Bedard

Published March 8, 2024 at 11:25

As a passionate forward for the Chicago Blackhawks, Connor Bedard let his emotions get the better of him during a recent game.

We have all been captivated by Connor Bedard's relentless passion and competitiveness in hockey. As a result, he has been successful, and his desire to win is evident in all of his actions.


Being a member of the Chicago Blackhawks, however, makes winning a complicated task.

After missing a shot on the power play, Bedard let his frustration out on the boards, punching them multiple times.

A wise word of advice from Luke Richardson was offered: don't let the other team know you're upset.

"It's great to have emotion and use that as motivation," Richardson advised, "but it's crucial not to let the other team see they're getting under your skin. Show no emotion, and let them be frustrated that they can't get to you."

Exercise some discipline on the bench and don't let the other team get the satisfaction of knowing they got under your skin. Emotion is a great motivator, but when it comes to your opponent, it can be a double-edged sword.

However, Bedard would eventually smash his stick against the boards, foregoing all advice he had received.

In the future, Bedard will be able to adapt to the NHL game and become a better player due to his passion for the game and winning.

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Blackhawks Head Coach Luke Richardson Issues A Major Warning for Connor Bedard

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