Three Chicago Blackhawks players who are having a disappointing season

Published January 11, 2024 at 3:17 PM
3 Players Still Struggling Midway Through the Season

As the Chicago Blackhawks hit the halfway mark of the season, injuries and a lack of elite talent have left them at the bottom of the Central Division.

With only the San Jose Sharks having a worse record, the Hawks find themselves eyeing the draft lottery once again.

In what seems like another tough season, three players, in particular, stand out as not living up to expectations despite preseason hopes.

Lukas Reichel

Known for scoring goals, has struggled, managing just eight points in 41 games. Hopes of him becoming a second-line center or leading in goals seem distant, and occasional healthy scratches suggest a need for improvement.

Arvid Soderblom

Thought to be the top goalie by now, clings to his NHL spot due to the team's competitive situation. Despite not-so-great numbers, recent improvement offers a bit of hope, and the Hawks may use this to trade Mrazek to a team needing a goalie.

Wyatt Kaiser

Completes the trio, expected to form a defensive powerhouse with Vlasic and Korchinski. Unfortunately, he fell short, struggling to the point of being sent to Rockford for more development.

While their current performances may label them as not meeting expectations, it's important to remember the optimism surrounding their contributions from training camp.

As the Hawks navigate a rebuilding phase, patience and future potential might yet turn these struggles into positive contributions for the team.
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Three Chicago Blackhawks players who are having a disappointing season

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