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The true importance of Luke Richardson in Chicago is shown in this video

Published January 13, 2024 at 11:56
In June 27th, 2022, Luke Richardson was hired as the Chicago Blackhawks' new manager and has led the team through a rebuilding process.

Since then, he's found a niche as a coach who can enhance players' careers, regardless of their age or experience.


You can see Richardson going out of his way to mentor and assist young players like Kevin Korchinski in the video below.

During the ongoing rebuild, Richardson has played an important role in forging a team's identity. This is still being done to this day, as players like Connor Bedard have become a part of the team.

The extra time he spends giving pointers to Korchinski shows how much he cares about player development.

We expect Richardson's role to be one of being a rock for the team, and remaining patient while all the young talent develops.

Despite some challenging times, this year has been filled with some exciting victories.

In any case, if Richardson stays on track doing what he's supposed to do, the on-ice product will rise in quality.

The Blackhawks are currently 8th in the Central Division, with a 12-28-2 record and now it's time to let the kids play.

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The true importance of Luke Richardson in Chicago is shown in this video

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