Connor Bedard and Hyundai A Match Made by Ink and Money

The recent commercial featuring Connor Bedard has scared fans

Published January 3, 2024 at 9:59 PM
Being the first overall pick in the 2023 draft has given Connor Bedard an advantage over other NHL rookies.

Sponsorship deals, such as his recent commercial with Hyundai, a car brand known for value-priced cars and a mass of car theft in recent years.

At the same time, Bedard is having a blast putting his name on the dotted line and reaping the rewards.


While Blackhawks fans watch Bedard on TV nightly, his endorsement plastered everywhere, they are terrified.

In contrast to his skill on the ice, it's evident Bedard will never win an Academy Award in his lifetime.

Connor Bedard's featured in a new Hyundai commercial.

Can't say I see an Oscar in his future.

Why would Connor Bedard park his Hyundai behind another vehicle in a 2 car driveway with a garage and then leave to Chicago for the year? Makes no sense . Also, why is his sister shocked he's in Chicago? Sounds like a dysfunctional family .

The Hyundai Bedard commercial is hilarious, because Connor tells his sister he has practice in Chicago while she reacts in complete disbelief by saying «Chicago?!?» as if she has no idea what team drafted her generational brother 1st overall.

So while Bedard is getting in a great first season in the NHL, maybe he should invest in acting lessons with Brad Pitt, Patrick Stewart, or Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Considering it all, we have seen the fruits of one of his first endeavors on TV.

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The recent commercial featuring Connor Bedard has scared fans

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