Lukas Reichel trying to gain possession of the puck.
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Should the Blackhawks follow in the Flyers' Footsteps?

Published January 23, 2024 at 3:41 PM
Earlier today, the Philadelphia Flyers sent down young prospect Bobby Brink, which was a shock to a couple fans.

Brink, 22, has looked lost on the ice for a while now and has been struggling to gain ice time, so Philadelphia decided to send him down.

Well, the Blackhawks just so happen to be in the same situation with one of their guys: Lukas Reichel.

Reichel is 21 years old and had a great last season, netting seven goals and eight assists in 23 games to close out the year. He was one of the guys on the team who people had high hopes for, and he ended up being a massive disappointment.

Lukas's struggles don't necessarily come from the defensive side of the puck, although he isn't exactly innocent there, either. He just cannot get anything going on the offensive side of the puck. He is eight when it comes to shots on goal on the team, with only 60.

He either holds on to the puck too long then eventually loses the puck, or tries to dangle around three, four guys, which ends up failing miserably. Reichs just can't find his way.

Reichel finds himself to be a healthy scratch for last night's game against the Vancouver Canucks, and probably more games to come.

Chicago should follow in the footsteps of Philadelphia and send down Lukas Reichel. Only if it's for a short stint. He needs to build confidence and get his game back together, because this is just not working. Playing him over and over again is not going to change anything, and sitting him in the press box isn't going to help him either. Just send him down and call him back up when you think he's ready for another crack at it.
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Should the Blackhawks follow in the Flyers' Footsteps?

Should the Blackhawks send down Lukas Reichel?

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