Rockford Ice Hogs Kirby Dach gets brutally cheapshotted
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Disturbing scene unfolds involving top NHL prospect

Published December 31, 2023 at 0:36
Colton Dach, a top prospect and leading rookie scorer in the AHL, faced a troubling incident on the ice.

He was sucker-punched in the head by Zachary L'Heureux, who has a history of suspensions in the QMJHL. A Blackhawks writer for The Hockey Writers expressed frustration over the incident, stating that it was an unacceptable hit, especially considering Dach's previous injuries to his head. Fans and the hockey community are outraged, calling for appropriate action against L'Heureux.

Sorry for the incoming profanity, but WTF is this hit?! For someone like Colton Dach, who has dealt with many scary injuries, this infuriates me. Absolutely no place for this. Hoping for the best for Dach.

The focus is now on Dach's recovery, hoping for a swift return and measures to prevent such incidents in the future and a long-term suspension incoming for a proven repeated offender of these types of incidents.

Hoping that Colton Dach (#28) is ok. What a dirty play by Zachary L'Heureux. Not anything new from L'Heureux either as he was suspended nine times in the QMJHL (including one 10 game suspension). #Blackhawks #Preds #IceHogs
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Disturbing scene unfolds involving top NHL prospect

How many games should this player be suspended for hurting the Blackhawks top prospect?

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4-53516.4 %
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