Connor Bedard Puts His Health at Risk With Concerning Move

Published January 15, 2024 at 1:05 PM
Blackhawks' prospect, Connor Bedard, seems eager to get back on the ice despite efforts to keep him off, but this may not be for the better.

A recent report from a Blackhawks reporter revealed that Bedard is currently in full gear inside the locker room, indicating a potential solo skate in a non-contact jersey, all he could say was "wow".

Bedard has been asked several times to 'pump the breaks' by teammate Nick Foligno, and clearly he has not. A 6-8 week period of recovery must be taken lightly in order to avoid any setbacks.

"Connor Bedard is in full gear right now inside the locker room. It looks like he's going to skate on his own in a non-contact jersey. Wow."

This development comes after Nick Foligno shared a insight into Bedard's determination. Foligno mentioned that the team's trainers sought his help to keep Bedard from hitting the ice too soon, especially since he's recovering from a jaw injury.

Foligno commented on Bedard's enthusiasm, saying:

"He's dying. It's pretty funny. I'm like: 'Man, just pump the brakes a little bit.' But that's who he is. That's why you love him."

It seems Bedard's passion for the game is undeniable, even in the face of recovery, but this is truly
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Connor Bedard Puts His Health at Risk With Concerning Move

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